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Connecting You to Pakistan and Your Pakistani Heritage.

Helping to foster and enhance the local community’s longstanding love affair with Urdu language and Pakistani culture.

URDU writing and reading courses

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Our activities and vision:

Current activities:

1. Weekly Urdu radio Program "AWAZ-E-DOST".
2. Organizing an essay competition for Pakistani-Australian youth on the topic: ..........:
"Why Pakistani-Australians must keep Urdu alive".

Short-term goal activities:

1. Initiating a PCA media watch group.
2. Organizing URDU writing and reading courses.
3. Creating the "Pakistan reading room" in Canberra.

1. Volunteer with us in Initiating a PCA media watch group

Pakistan has two media-related problems in the Australia: biased reports and minimal coverage. Stories are typically limited to the negative: a military takeover, sectarian killings or honor killings to mention a few.
Some may consider such coverage propaganda or just journalistic bias. Whatever it is, it's time for Pakistani-Australians to take a firm stand against the way Pakistan is covered (or not covered) by journalists.
Other minorities in the western world who have faced discrimination have successfully fought for fair media coverage of issues that concern them. Canadian Islamic and Pakistani associations are good examples for us. PCA Media watch group will

" Keep a close eye on Australian Media
" Build good relationship with Media.
" Put together a Pakistan media file.
" Write to the editor and program producers etc.
" Identify the movers and shakers of the Australian Media.
" Issue press releases.
" Share the knowledge

You can play a role in improving your local media's coverage of Pakistan by volunteering in our media watch group in your area. We will need as much volunteers as we can, with good writing and research skills. Once established we will extend our call to other Australian cities too.

2. Volunteer with us in Creating the "Pakistan reading room" in Canberra

To increase the good will of Pakistan, promote URDU language and our rich heritage and culture, this room will be stocked with publications, books, video documentaries and other materials, which individuals will be able to use to learn more about Pakistan, do research for a project or just keep up with current events in the country. PCA calls for Volunteers, Books donations, funds and time donations for this project.

3. Volunteer with us in Organizing URDU writing and reading courses
For many Pakistani-Australians, especially those born or brought up here in Australia, Urdu is a language that is heard and spoken but not written and read. This is a tragedy. Familiarity with Urdu connects us to our roots and is a way of maintaining contact with our rich Urdu literature and the precious work of philosophers like Allama Iqbal.
Although currently we have some resources of a qualified and experienced member who is happy to volunteer for this cause but we would definitely need more volunteers for this cause.

Long-term goal activities:

1. Establish a Pakistani-Australian speakers' bureau in our community.
2. Auction off Pakistani-Australian art and send the proceeds to a good cause in Pakistan.
3. Promote the positive about Pakistan on Web message board.
4. Interview the "average" Pakistani person.

5. Organize an Iqbal Night.
6. Start up a women's group to discuss the needs of women in Pakistan.
7. Start a Pakistani-Australian television program through Public Access Television in Canberra.
8. Establish a Pakistani-Australian youth award in our community.
9. Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani.
10. Patronize a sports team. (Cricket team of PCCC).
11. Organize an open house about Pakistan.
12. Make Urdu literature (library) available to Pakistani-Australian children.( Create the "Pakistan reading room") in Canberra.
13. Teach Pakistani-Australians how to deal with discrimination.
14. Talk to your children about tolerance and spread this message to Pakistan.
15. Start a Pakistani community Magazine.


Make a difference Join hands with us to serve the community

We invite individuals from all walks of life to volunteer for all of the above listed PCA initiatives and other PCA community objectives. No matter how little or how big your contribution would be,we will make sure that your contribution counts. We encourage all individuals male or female, old or young to volunteer so that we may have a vital and progressive blend of new ideas and experience. Moreover, we urge you to think of others who could contribute meaningfully to this community cause, speak to them about serving, and have them submit their names for consideration.
Even if you can donate one hour a Month or even one hour a Year we will be interested in hearing from you.

PCA is looking for volunteers for these community services; please see the attached form in the PCA Volunteer appeal brochure. Or contact us on
Pakistan Cultural Association,

P.O. Box 7252 Canberra B.C., ACT 2610, Australia.

Email: pakistan.cultural@gmail.com