Our Long - term activities and vision



Long-term activities:

1. Establish a Pakistani-Australian speakers' bureau in our community.
2. Auction off Pakistani-Australian art and send the proceeds to a good cause in Pakistan.
3. Promote the positive about Pakistan on Web message board.
4. Interview the "average" Pakistani person.
5. Organize an Iqbal Night.
6. Start up a women's group to discuss the needs of women in Pakistan.
7. Start a Pakistani-Australian television program through Public Access Television in Canberra.
8. Establish a Pakistani-Australian youth award in our community.
9. Be Pakistani, Buy Pakistani.
10. Patronize a sports team.
11. Organize an open house about Pakistan.
12. Make Urdu literature (library) available to Pakistani-Australian children.( Create the "Pakistan reading room") in Canberra.
13. Teach Pakistani-Australians how to deal with discrimination.
14. Talk to your children about tolerance and spread this message to Pakistan.
15. Start a Pakistani community Magazine.