Initiating a PCA Media Watch Group

Pakistan has two media-related problems in Australia: biased reports and minimal coverage. Stories are typically limited to the negative: a military takeover, sectarian killings or honor killings to mention a few.
Some may consider such coverage propaganda or just journalistic bias. Whatever it is, it's time for Pakistani-Australians to take a firm stand against the way Pakistan is covered (or not covered) by journalists.
Other minorities in the western world who have faced discrimination have successfully fought for fair media coverage of issues that concern them. Canadian Islamic and Pakistani associations are good examples for us. PCA Media watch group will

" Keep a close eye on Australian Media
" Build good relationship with Media.
" Put together a Pakistan media file.
" Write to the editor and program producers etc.
" Identify the movers and shakers of the Australian Media.
" Issue press releases.
" Share the knowledge

You can play a role in improving your local media's coverage of Pakistan by volunteering in our media watch group in your area. We will need as much volunteers as we can, with good writing and research skills. Once established we will extend our call to other Australian cities too.